Hi, I'm Irina
and I'm happy you are here.
I'm Austrian with Russian roots photographer, capturing adventurous people at extreme sports events (and everything that is connected to them, such as gastronomy, landscapes and culture) around the world since 2010.

I love traveling, good food and a nice adventure. I never get tired of exploring new places. Whether it's a new mountain peak or a new restaurant, I always photo & video document the whole experience.

In 2023 I started the MBA program in Sustainability. My goal is to implement sustainability in the most professional way in all aspects of my life. I aim to be a sustainable photographer in the future. I will travel sustainably and I'll be sharing my experience as well as tips and tricks on my social media accounts.
Three Good Reasons
  • Passionate
    about everything I do. If needed I'll go an extra mile or wake up before sunrise for that amazing content
  • Professional
    You can count on me. Clear communication with high quality results is what I stand for
  • Sustainable
    Reduced power use, high-quality equipment, no printing or packaging waste
"the nature of a portfolio is that it's always a work in progress"
I use a professional full frame camera, as well as a camera of my mobile phone. Below I showcased both: mobile and pro camera photography in wide range of events & occasions. For videos please follow the Google.Drive link provided below.

You might find my editing style a bit unsettling: some images are very colorful and loud and some have more calm and warm colors. That's because, I adapt my editing style to my customers and occasions.
Adventures are the best way to learn.
First 5 images: a short "green" trip to Algarve. I flew to Faro and rented an e-car, as my apartment was in Carvoeiro. Every day I would fall asleep and wake up with amazing views and sound of sea waves (videos available), as I refused to use the AC - the best decision ever. I have chosen this town, because it has amazing hiking trails along the cliffs and that is what I did - hiked to the Marinha beach and back and the day before I did the same route on a boat.
The rest images are from Mallorca, where I also hiked and strolled through towns a lot. I fell in love with the island's beauty and variety of activities fitting every type of tourist.
P.S. For some reason available videos are not getting played on the website, therefore I uploaded them to my Google.Drive folder
The first bohemian hotel in Austrian Alps
Food lover
Sheraton Grand Salzburg
Austrian BIO farm
A heartwarming little farm. The best part is you can visit them anytime and buy self-made BIO products. All products are from their own animals. On special days of the week you can have extra fresh stuff: Thursdays are for fresh bread, for example.
Fine dinning with Heroes in a museum
For the very first time the KTM Museum "Motohall" has hosted a special dinner in their "Heroes" hall. 
Legends on two wheel beasts.

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